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What parents say about us

A few of the highlights from my newly refreshed parents

From the moment both my wife and I first spoke with Hannah we immediately felt a sense of calm and understanding. We had been struggling with our child’s sleep for well over a year and in recent months had resorting to driving him to sleep. If we didn’t drive him to sleep, we would be battling for hours to get him to sleep without much success and it would normally just end up with one of us driving him for maybe up to an hour to get him to fall asleep and then came the dreaded transfer from the car, so we knew we had to make a change.

Hannah had a couple of initial conversations with my wife and she was left with no doubt that Hannah was going to be able to make a big difference to our standard of life. I on the other hand, was slightly sceptical as we had tried various sleep methods in the past with little to no success, however that quickly changed when I spoke with Hannah myself and for the first time felt that someone really did understand the impact it was having on our life.

We completed a form indicating exactly what we wanted / needed to achieve, and a Zoom call was very quickly scheduled, which was incredibly thorough. Hannah had clearly spent a lot of time devising a specific, tailormade plan for us to achieve the goals, and although at first glance the tasks at hand look tricky to say the least, at no point did we feel that with Hannah at hand to help and guide us it wouldn’t be achievable.

The first few days were tough, but Hannah was on hand throughout, and was happy to take calls / text / emails whenever we needed support and the feedback received enabled us to make slight yet important alternations. After a few days the progress was remarkable, our little boy was starting to actually go to sleep in his bed! I hadn’t and still haven’t had to drive him to sleep. After a while the chair was gone from the room and he was going to sleep by himself.

He does occasionally wake up in the night, but this is rare, and we will continue to carry on using all of Hannah’s methods to get to the point where he sleeps all night.

Both my partner and I have already recommended Hannah to a couple of friends and will continue to do so. I believe that many families struggle with their child not sleeping properly and just accept that it is part of being a parent, but I can honestly say that with the plan devised for us they really shouldn’t accept bad sleeping as with the right guidance, motivation and support it can be changed.

The support, expertise and motivation Hannah provided us with was invaluable and we are incredibly grateful.
Parents to 3 year old
Where do I begin! I cannot recommend this lady enough. We came to Hannah for help with our little 7month old baby a few months ago. He would only sleep on me after being nursed (he is exclusively breastfed) or rocked, he would scream or wake up within half an hour if we put him down. I really struggle talking on the phone and Hannah was very understanding of that and made things alot easier for me. She explained everything very clearly to me and answered any questions I had. She also said that if I wasn't happy doing something I didn't have to do it, we would then change the plan to suit us, which was lovely as it made me feel like she truly cared about us. Hannah was there whenever I needed her, answering any question, small or big, which really helped me through with the course. She also taught me all about wake windows and sleep cycles, which was very interesting and helpful. My boy now self settles, sleeps in his own cot, only wakes for one feed at night, eats more solids during the day and is generally a happier baby now we have a good routine going. Will definitely contact Hannah again if we have any sleep troubles in the future!
Parents to 7 month old
We have actually said the words "this has changed our lives"!

Our little one went from waking every 20-40mins through the night and short naps, to a baby who wakes just once or twice for feeds in the night and is really getting the hang of longer daytime naps too!

We couldn't be more pleased with the support we received from Hannah, it was absolutely top-notch. She set us up so well and told us what to expect and then was on hand (via text and calls) to guide us every step of the way!

Hannah has taught us that sleep doesn't have to be something we dread.
Parents to 5 month old
I reached out to Hannah from Little Dreams Consulting Devon and Cornwall at a time when I was utterly exhausted from the lack of sleep. I wish now that I'd contacted her sooner. Hannah has helped to change our lives!

Our 3.5 year old would take hours to fall asleep and then would often be awake for hours a night. And now... she falls asleep easily and sleeps through until morning! The change is incredible and we are all so much happier!

Hannah was so lovely throughout the programme, she was understanding, kind, caring and professional. I can not recommend Hannah highly enough!!! She is a miracle worker!!
Parents to 3.5 year old
Hannah literally turned our sleep around for our baby. To the point we had a baby that barely slept in the day and now regularly naps in the day. Meaning mummy & baby are happier. The big thing that really shifted things for us was Hannah explaining sleep patterns. Something people just don’t explain when you have a baby. Hannah really does go the extra mile to help you get to the bottom of any sleep questions. Nothing is too much. If you’re looking for a bespoke sleep consultant then Hannah is your woman!!
Parent to 4 month old
I would highly recommend working with Hannah. My ten month old now only wakes up once a night to drink and falls asleep happily at bedtime. My two year old also falls asleep happily and sleeps through the night. It is now possible for me to put both kids to bed without any help or stress. Total game changer for our family.
Parents to 10 month old and 2 year old
Deciding to get some support for my little boys sleep was the best decision I made. The approach is gentle and my son adapted to it very well, it's not about leaving your child to 'cry it out' but rather an approach that is consistent and supports both parents and child. My son is sleeping 100% better and so am I! If you have any doubts signing up to this, just do it as you won't regret it. The support I got was brilliant and I could ask questions as we went through it too. For the first time my son slept through the whole night I couldn't believe it!!
Parents to 7 month old
Hannah was absolutely amazing for helping me with my daughter Bea, I honestly don’t know what I would have done with out her help! Thank you so much Hannah.
Parents to 6 month old
Hannah was so helpful when I approached her to help our 7 month old sleep. We were getting 1-2 hourly wakes in the night and relying on us to help her get back to sleep. She provided a plan which meant that our daughter slept through or one feed wake after 1-2 nights, we couldn’t believe how effective it was. Nearly 3 months have passed and she is sleeping through the night and we have our lives back. Thank you Hannah!
Parents to 10 month old
Great advice, look forward to trying the tips out. Thank you!!
Parents to 10 month old
Hannah has such a lovely warm, understanding and open manner. She immediately made me feel at ease and that she wasn’t judging me in any way. She has given me great advice regarding my 7 month old’s daily routine and nap gaps / wake windows which has had a really positive effect on his night time sleeping, as well as on naps in the day. It feels as though she really cares about supporting people to optimise their children’s sleep, and I’d thoroughly recommend her.
Parents to 7 month old
The service was absolutely brilliant. The approach is gentle and goes at your own pace. My son is sleeping so much better at night and throughout the day for naps. I now have my evenings back! The difference is amazing and I don't dread bedtime anymore.
Parents to 9 month old
I would highly recommend Hannah. She was extremely professional during our sessions. She was warm and extremely understanding. She helped at 10 months where she encouraged me to have the confidence to put him down while awake! He will now go to sleep at 7 pm every night, and will sleep through! I can’t thank you enough!
Parents to 10 month old
Hannah has helped us with 2 of our childrens' sleep and has been a complete life saver. Most recently our 6 month old now sleeps in her cot, self settles and has a long day time nap, as well as sleeping really well at night, which is a world away from the situation before Hannah advised us. It was a gentle process that we could all manage.

She is a wonderful listener and extremely empathetic. She has tailored sleep programs so that they work for our child and their idiosyncrasies, as well as to our preferences as parents. She is really knowledgeable and such a support at a stressful time when we have been on our knees with tiredness. She is one of the kindest and most generous people I have ever known.
I can't recommend her highly enough.

Parents to 6 month old and 14 month old
I am so grateful for the help that I have received and we are finally getting a full nights sleep again! My 9 month old has been through periods of sleeping well and not so well but when I contacted Little Dreams it had got to the point where his sleep routine was awful it was making me stressed and so tired and he would be awake for 2.5 hours during the night and took a long time to even get him off to sleep.

After our discussion around my sons sleeping I got straight on with trying the suggestions and the improvements began right away, each night got better and better and now after 4 nights of implementing the new changes he has slept all night without waking at all and I feel so much better and happier. So I can only say good things about Little Dreams Consulting and I would highly recommend, if your getting sleepless nights don’t hold back just send that message and get your sleep back!
Parents to 9 month old
I was pretty skeptical when my wife proposed to hire a sleep consultant to improve the sleeping habits of our kids. However, I agreed to give it a try and a few weeks later I have to admit that Hannah's advice has had a miraculous impact. Our kids are now capable to fall asleep on their own, calm themselves when they wake up and sleep through the night. Thanks again for your help. You did a fantastic job, which has been a complete game changer for me and my wife.
Parents to 1 and 2 year old
I met you at the #singandsign summer special. You gave me some really good advice on sleep for my little one who was waking up in the early hours having previously slept through. I just wanted to let you know that it worked straight away - that night we had a full nights sleep and have consistently returned to having a full night's sleep based on your advice! So huge! Thank you from me and my partner for getting us back on track with our sleep!
Parents to 11 month old
Hannah has been amazing! After 2 nights of following Hannah’s advice our 10 month old twins slept for 11hrs for the first time. Day 5 now and they are sleeping 11.5hrs a night with nap times becoming in sync throughout the day. I have had a shower and brushed my hair multiple times this week!! Highly recommended if you need some sleep support, we are second time parents but much of the advice was new to us and invaluable. Thank you Hannah!
Parents to 10 month old twins
My partner and I had a meeting with lovely Hannah in preparation for our little one’s arrival, as we wanted to make sure we know as much as we can about sleeping patterns (and feeding). Hannah walked us through the first days, weeks and up to 4 months and it was extremely useful to get some reassurance about what we need to focus on to start with. Lots of helpful tips, engaging discussion and useful materials! Thank you, Hannah
First time parents
We recently worked with Hannah as we were really struggling to get any sleep with our 7 month old son. She gave us great structure with a bed time routine and wake windows, as well as always being available to answer questions. Over two weeks his sleep has really improved from waking most hours to at times sleeping through the night. I would really recommend to anyone who is thinking about it. Thanks Hannah!
Parents to 7 month old
Hannah was amazing!! Would highly recommend little dreams sleep consulting, Hannah really helped us achieve a bedtime routine for our 7 month old baby and now he sleeps happily in his cot.
Parents to 7 month old
We contacted Hannah at Little Dream North Devon and Cornwall after having endless sleepless nights with our 6 month old baby boy. We had done background reading ourselves to try improve his sleep, but nothing seemed to help. After 2 weeks of working with Hannah, he went from waking every 45 minutes to consistently only waking once or twice a night - sometimes he ev manages to sleep t Hannah was extremely supportive and thorough throughout, giving us a structured gentle plan that worked for us. It was great value for money also so I would recommend it to anyone who is in some desperate need of sleep.
Parents to 10 month old
Such a lovely friendly yet professional consultation. In such a short amount of time crucial advice and tips were given! Thank you!
Parents to 12 month old
Hannah was absolutely amazing and so informative! I felt so supported and prepared in my babies sleep journey, looking back at everything we talked about daily. I would highly recommend!
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