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Child not sleeping

Split Nights

Split nights are lengthy periods of wakefulness in the night. Some children will be ready to start their day whereas others may be unhappy.

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Newborn Sleep

This is a guide for newborn sleep. This guide will discuss goals towards developing positive sleep habits in the newborn stage.

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Child having quiet time

Dropping the Last Nap

Dropping the last nap is a transition that is often delayed (by parents) for as long as possible! And that’s completely understandable, that nap might be the only downtime you get during the day.

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Dozing baby

2-1 nap transition

It can often be tricky to work out the correct time to do the 2-1 nap transition. You may start to see signs your child is getting ready to transition from 11 months upwards.

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3-2 nap transition

Making the transition from three naps a day to just two is a natural progression in a child’s sleep cycle. Let’s explore the 3-2 nap transition in more detail.

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How many naps?

These are the most common age groups that I see nap transitions at Little Dreams Consulting Devon and Cornwall.

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